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ستجد في هذا القسم مجموعة من التقييمات ضرورية القراءة تم إنتقاءها بناء على مشروعك أو إهتمامك. فلنحقق أقصى إستفادة من هذه الدروس الصعبة في جعل تفكيرنا وتخطيطنا وطرق تنفيذنا أكثر مراعاة للنزاعات.

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Country Portfolio Evaluation Sudan: An evaluation of WFP’s Portfolio 2010-2012

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Evaluation Features

1.The Sudan country portfolio evaluation (CPE) conducted between January and June2013, covered the 20102012 period and assessed: i) strategic alignment and positioning; ii) factors driving decisionmaking; and iii) performance and results. The evaluation serves accountabilityand learning objectives, and was timed to correspond with the 20092012 WFP country strategy and associated United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and to provide recommendations for design of the operation to begin in 2014.

2.The evaluation team required government approval and permits for travel, so could not reach nongovernmentheld areas. As this was a nonessential mission, it was agreed that the team would not travel to some newly accessible border areas. In addition, local unrest andinsecurity in North and South Darfur curtailed some planned fieldwork. To mitigate these limitations, the evaluation team collected information and secondary data from a wide range of external stakeholders, including United Nations, government, nongovernmental and research organizations, to provide multiple perspectives on core points of analysis. This information was triangulated with the WFP country office, corporate systems information and the primary data collected.

The evaluation found the WFP portfolio in the Sudan to be broadly aligned with the core humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality and neutrality, despite the complications arising from the Government’s dual role as host government to the United Nations agencies and party to the conflicts in WFP’s operating areas. WFP based its food assistance on food security assessments, and targeted all accessible foodinsecure areas, taking into account the differing needs of the population and avoiding taking sides in the conflict. The evaluation also noted that WFP continually negotiated access to insecure areas to conduct food security assessments and deliver food assistance.


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