The determinants of food security in Sudan: the case of Kassala state

This paper focuses on the determinants of food security in Kassala state, Sudan. The study uses the Household Food Insecurity…

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November 13, 2023 | Reem Abbas
Women give their perspectives on peace in east Sudan

The article explores the perspectives of women in Eastern Sudan on peace and conflict. It highlights the challenges faced by…

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Farmers and herders in the Blue Nile area: conflicts or symbiosis?

This research paper outlines interviews with key stakeholders in Blue Nile, to assess their views on farmers-herders’ relationships and the…

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Submission to the universal periodic review (UPR) of Sudan – Situation of women’s rights in Sudan

This report highlights the ongoing challenges facing women’s rights in Sudan and calls for urgent action to address them. The…

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October 22, 2023
The genocide-ecocide nexus in Sudan: violent ‘development’ and the racial-spatial dynamics of (neo)colonial-capitalist extraction

This article works with and develops the framework of the genocide-ecocide nexus, to examine the relationship between environmental destruction, capitalist…

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Access to Land and Tenure

Access to land is key to the livelihoods of all communities in Darfur and access to agricultural land is one…

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Strengthening The Rule of Law and Conflict Resolution Mechanisms

Durable solutions for the displaced is an integral part of lasting peace in Darfur. The Juba Peace Agreement (JPA) is…

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Supporting IDPs Post Return

Displaced persons should be able to make informed and voluntary decisions regarding what durable solution is right for them. IDPs…

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Nomads – Shifting Livelihoods and Marginalization

The inclusion of nomads in durable solutions and peacebuilding processes is crucial. The Juba Peace Agreement acknowledges that nomad communities…

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Durable Solutions for IDPs – Key Barriers and Opportunities to Locally Integrate or Return

A key priority necessary for lasting peace in Darfur is finding durable solutions for displaced populations and addressing the root…

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