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Strategic Evaluation: FAO/WFP Joint Evaluation of Food Security Cluster Coordination in Humanitarian Action

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The evaluation, commissioned by the Offices of Evaluation of FAO and WFP, aims to establish accountability and support learning. The evaluation team developed a theory of change (Figure 1) to show how the global and country levels are linked, what food security coordinat ion is intended to achieve, and how. The theory of change, validated at a workshop with the GST, builds on the global FSC’s terms of reference, strategy and work plan and on IASC guidance.

Based on the theory of change, the evaluation examined the effects of food security coordination on humanitarian action, and the factors influencing effectiveness, at threelevels:

i) effects of countryand locallevel coordination on humanitarian organizations and their activities;

ii) effects of the global FSC on coordination at the country and local levels;

iii) potential effects on affected populat ions, evidenced by changes in the coverage of humanitarian services and the monitor ing of effects on beneficiaries

Conducted between September 2013 and May 2014, the evaluation used predominantly qualitative methods country case studies and key informant interviews complemented by survey, documentary and financial analysis. Data were triangulated and interpreted first for each country case study then at the aggregated level. The process involved interpretation by the evaluation team, workshops with key stakeholders and their comments on the draft report.

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