Beyond consultations – a tool for meaningfully engaging with women in fragile and conflict-affected states

Beyond Consultations‘ is a tool for promoting women’s meaningful engagement in decision-making processes in fragile and conflict-affected states. The tool is divided into nine sections, each assessing a specific dimension of effective engagement, such as consultation methodology, partnership, and accessibility. Each section includes two to five assessment criteria, and the tool asks users to score their organization on a scale of 1-4 using detailed scoring guidance provided. The scoring correlates with a “traffic light system” that helps users identify areas for improvement. The tool also provides guidance on how to allocate sufficient budget and resources for logistical arrangements, including security, attendance, and translation. Overall, the tool aims to promote women’s inclusion in decision-making processes and ensure that their voices are heard in post-conflict and transitional contexts.


This tool was originally published both in English and in Arabic.

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