Written: 2018 | Published: February 18, 2021 | Margie Buchanan-Smith, Susanne Jaspars

Darfuri migration from Sudan to Europe: From displacement to despair

This study examines migration from Darfur, and of people of Darfuri origin in Khartoum, to Europe. It focuses on Darfur because of its history of migration, conflict and displacement. The aim was to explore trends, drivers and constraints in migration, and to examine how current and recent migration patterns to Europe build on those of the past. The study analyses both the structural causes of migration and decision-making at the individual and household levels. It also analyses how policies influence migration (through migrant experiences) and the factors that facilitate and obstruct it, including smuggling and trafficking systems, social networks and the role of new communication technologies. It is one of only very few studies of the experience of migration of a particular group, along the entire journey from their place of origin to their destination, and the impact on the families and communities left behind.

The study was originally published by the Overseas Development Institute. 

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