Written: 2006 | Published: February 18, 2021 | Claude de Ville de Goyet, Lezlie Morinière, Frédéric Deparis

Evaluation of DG ECHO Financed Operations relating to the Darfur Crisis

A three-person team reviewed the DG ECHO funded activities in Darfur with the general objective of assessing the appropriateness of DG ECHO’s actions since 2003 in response to the ongoing crisis, in order to establish whether they have achieved their objectives and to produce recommendations for improving the strategy and the effectiveness of future operations. During the 3-week field visit in Sudan, the team evaluated the activities of 12 NGO partners in North, South and West Darfur. Discussions with over 222 key stakeholders and decision-makers representing over 47 different agencies at field and regional levels, as well as international headquarters were held. The team reviewed a total of 103 agreements with 42 different partners from the ten pertinent funding decisions.

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