Written: 2023 | Published: November 14, 2023 | Jérôme Tubiana, Alan Boswell

Fearing the worst in Darfur, again

In this podcast episode, Alan Boswell speaks with Jérôme Tubiana, writer, researcher, and a former Sudan analyst for Crisis Group, about the escalating violence in West Darfur. They discuss the history of conflict in Darfur, factors that played into escalating tensions on the eve of Sudan’s new war, and how the outbreak of conflict in April has led to a rapid deterioration of stability in the region. They highlight the brutal tactics of armed groups in the region and the devastating toll that has taken on civilians. They talk about the actors involved and how the RSF and the Sudanese army view the conflict in Darfur. They also address if the fighting in Darfur might spread further in the region and into Chad and why peace in Khartoum might not be enough to end the violence in Sudan’s peripheries.


This podcast episode was originally published by the International Crisis Group (ICG).


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