Written: 2021 | Published: March 12, 2021 | OCHA

Humanitarian Needs Overview: Sudan 2021

A year after the start of the political transition in Sudan, humanitarian needs continue to grow across the country, despite progress made in the implementation of the objectives of the 39-month transition period and the peace process. The situation is driven by an economic crisis, exacerbated by COVID-19 containment measures, protracted internal displacement that is yet to find durable solutions, unprecedented flooding in 2020, disease outbreaks, and more than 1.1 million refugees and asylum seekers hosted by Sudan. Humanitarian partners estimate that about 13.4 million people – 29 per cent of the population – will need humanitarian assistance throughout 2021. This is 4.1 million people more compared to 2020 and an increase of 44 per cent in the year. Overall, the number of people in need in Sudan in 2021 is the highest reported in the past decade.

This overview was originally published by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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