Written: 2017 | Published: November 13, 2023 | Hussein Sulieman, Abdel Ghaffar

Land appropriation in east Sudan: the case of the Lahaween ethnic group

This paper is a study on the impact of land appropriation on the migratory patterns of pastoral communities in east Sudan, with a focus on the Lahaween ethnic group. The study found that land appropriation has disrupted the traditional migratory patterns of the Lahaween, leading to a decline in their livelihoods and increased conflict with settled communities. The study also found that the Lahaween have adapted to these changes by owning vehicles and using mobile phones for communication. The authors suggest that a more collaborative approach between pastoral and settled communities, as well as better land management policies, could help mitigate the negative impact of land appropriation on pastoral communities. Overall, the study highlights the importance of understanding the complex relationship between land use, migration, and livelihoods in east Sudan.


This paper was originally published by JSTOR.

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