Written: 2013 | Published: September 22, 2021 | Hussein Sulieman

Land grabbing along livestock migration routes in Gadarif State, Sudan: Impacts on pastoralism and the environment

This research mapped out the encroachment of large-scale agriculture into migration routes in Gadarif State (eastern Sudan), with a two-fold approach, using both satellite imagery and interviews with pastoralists to understand the problems facing them along the routes in their seasonal journey. It offers a critique of state responses on the issue, showing that animal mobility had been constrained and that mechanized farming has encroached on more land. At the same time, pastoralists highlighted the lack of water resources and degradation of rest places. Due to the abolition of their native administrative system and lack of education, pastoralists have little means to influence decisions that impact their system.

This report was originally published by The Land Deal Politics Initiative.

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