Written: 2023 | Published: November 05, 2023 | ACAPS

Northern state: pre-crisis and current situation

This thematic report provides an overview of the humanitarian situation in Northern State, Sudan, as of August 25, 2023. The region has been affected by conflict and displacement, with many people forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighbouring countries. Despite the presence of the Merowe Dam, access to water and sanitation remains a challenge for many IDPs and refugees. Food insecurity is also a concern, with 27% of the population in Northern State experiencing food insecurity from July to September 2023. The Juba Peace Agreement includes a chapter dedicated to Northern Sudan, which aims to create suitable conditions and infrastructure for the return of IDPs to their historical locations. However, the conflict has challenged its implementation. Various organizations, including UNICEF and UNHCR, are working to address the humanitarian needs of those affected by the conflict.


This report was originally published by ACAPS

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