Written: 2011 | Published: February 18, 2021 | Paul O’Hagan

People First Impact Method Assessment, West Darfur/Sudan

A participatory People First Impact Method (PFiM) assessment was carried out through three field exercises involving thirty one (31) Darfurian participants. This assessment benefitted from an earlier P-FiM assessment carried out with WCC and a number of other agencies in July 2010 in both Geneina and Krenek Localities. This provided an overall participatory baseline of social change trends. What stands out now in March 2011 is the marked increase and significance of positive community based exchanges and interactions between different ethnic groups, pastoralists and farmers; improved situation of homeless unaccompanied children in El Geneina; increased positive role of the Government’s Ministries of Social Welfare and Culture, Youth and Sports. Of concern is a negative trend towards increased lawlessness consisting of banditry, land occupation, rape and violence against women etc.

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