Written: 2017 | Published: November 01, 2023 | Belkys López, Lauren C. Ng, Matthew Pritchard, David Deng

Posttraumatic stress disorder, trauma, and reconciliation in South Sudan

This study examines the relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma, and attitudes towards reconciliation in the context of the ongoing conflict in South Sudan. The authors collected data on attitudes towards justice and reconciliation using a non-random sample of participants from different ethnic groups, socio-economic statuses, geographic locations, and exposure to conflict. They found that PTSD and trauma exposure were associated with less positive attitudes towards reconciliation, but that forgiveness and social healing were also important components of a holistic approach to justice and reconciliation. The study’s limitations include the use of a convenience sample and self-reported assessments, which may introduce bias or underreporting. However, the authors argue that the study’s open-ended questions and participation of local stakeholders helped to strengthen the research. Overall, the study suggests that South Sudan should invest in a holistic approach to justice and reconciliation that pursues multiple goals simultaneously.


This article was originally posted by the author on ResearchGate.net.

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