Written: 2019 | Published: February 18, 2021 | Jan Pospisil

Sudan’s Enduring Transition: Evolving Arrangements after the Fall of Bashir

The Sudanese uprising has reached its first goal. After four months of peaceful yet persistent protests, long-term military ruler Omar al-Bashir was ousted after over a quarter of a century in power. A broad and civil-society-based movement has triggered his downfall. The movement was, however loosely, organised by the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA), founded in 2016 as an umbrella organisation of the traditionally strong trade unions, and other hitherto little-known initiatives. The security apparatus, especially the Sudanese military, Bashir’s natural home and traditional stronghold, contributed to the fall of to the regime by turning against him in the aftermath of a global action day declared by the Sudanese opposition.

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