Written: 2021 | Published: April 13, 2022 | Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS)

Supporting IDPs Post Return

Displaced persons should be able to make informed and voluntary decisions regarding what durable solution is right for them. IDPs who have returned have not automatically achieved a solution to their displacement. That is achieved when all displacement linked vulnerabilities and protection needs have been overcome. Results from the eight studies in Darfur conducted by the UN Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) in 20202021 how that most returnees are accessing their previous agricultural and residential land, hich strongly indicates that access to land is a precondition for return. In all eight ocalities, returnees face challenges accessing drinking water and sanitation. Results lso show significant variations between localities: returnees are more food insecure in ome localities, while they have less access to education in other areas. This requires ctors to adopt area-specific approaches to programming in returnee locations.

This brief was originally published by the Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS).

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