Written: 2021 | Published: November 13, 2023 | Eltayed Mahamedain Abdalla, Samia Satti Osman Mohamed Nour

The determinants of food security in Sudan: the case of Kassala state

This paper focuses on the determinants of food security in Kassala state, Sudan. The study uses the Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS) to measure food insecurity and new primary data from a food security household survey conducted in 2019. The paper examines the four key dimensions of food security (availability, stability, access, and utilization of food) and identifies the factors that determine food security in Kassala. The study finds that food insecurity is prevalent in Kassala state, with a significant proportion of households experiencing anxiety and uncertainty about food access, insufficient quality, and insufficient food intake. The paper recommends several policy interventions to enhance food security through agricultural development, including improving irrigation systems, increasing access to credit and markets, and promoting sustainable farming practices. The study concludes that a comprehensive approach to food security is needed, which addresses the multiple dimensions of food security and considers the diverse needs of different households and communities.


This paper was originally posted by the author on ResearchGate.net.

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