Written: 2022 | Published: November 13, 2023 | Liv Tønnessen, Reem Abbas

Tokens of peace? Women’s representation in the Juba Peace Process

This paper examines women’s representation in the Juba Peace Process in Sudan. It discusses the challenges faced by women negotiators, including marginalization and conservative gender norms. The track model of the peace talks also affected women’s representation. While women eventually gained representation in the official talks in Juba, women’s civil society groups were excluded from the formal negotiations. The Juba Peace Agreement included several gender provisions, but these were unevenly divided between the tracks. Overall, the paper highlights the importance of meaningful access and leverage for women in political processes and the need for gender-sensitive peacebuilding approaches.


This paper was originally published by the Christen Michelsen Institute (CMI).

The full publication of the African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review  ‘Special Issue on the 2020 Juba Agreement for Peace in Sudan and Prospects for Peacebuilding in Darfur’ can be found here.

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