Written: 2020 | Published: November 04, 2023 | Kilian Spandler

UNAMID and the legitimation of global-regional peacekeeping cooperation: partnership and friction in UN-AU relations

The ‘hybrid’ United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) was initially hailed as a model for peacekeeping cooperation between the UN and African regional organizations. However, UNAMID soon faced contestation from different stakeholders, and the UN and the AU have now essentially abandoned the hybrid approach. The article reconstructs how the mission’s deteriorating legitimacy relates to changing self-legitimation strategies by the two organizations. The UN and the AU pursued mutual legitimation when establishing UNAMID, but later mobilized historical narratives and diverging normative standards to promote competing authority claims. The article advances an understanding of inter-organizational relations as inherently political.


This paper was originally published by Taylor & Francis.

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