Written: 2021 | Published: March 11, 2021 | Daniel Forti

Walking a Tightrope: The Transition from UNAMID to UNITAMS in Sudan

The UN’s transition in Sudan started out in 2014 as a process to close the African Union–United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) in the face of waning international support and overwhelming pressure from an autocratic regime. But in 2019, Sudan’s revolution and ongoing
political transition radically transformed how the UN engages with Sudan. UNAMID’s closure in
December 2020 and the start-up of a new special political mission, the UN Integrated Transition
Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), now constitute one of the most complex reconfigurations the organization has ever attempted.

This report was originally published by the International Peace Institute. 

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