Our integrity as an organisation comes from the values and principles that guide our work.

We bring about change by learning together, listening to one another, and being rooted in real experience. Our work is anchored by 6 principles, which guide everything we do.

Placing local agency and capacities at the core of agendas:
We are committed to sharing Sudanese expertise on conflict sensitivity but also enabling Sudanese people, and particularly those from historically marginalised populations, to frame, inform and influence the way aid interacts with conflict on their own terms.
Meeting partners ‘where they are’:
Rather than using one-size-fits all approaches to conflict sensitivity, we work with partners to define their own problems and design their own solutions, using their own systems, strengths, vocabulary and tools as the starting point. This leads to more relevant solutions, owned and applied by partners themselves.
Responding rather than reacting:
The facility maintains a clear view of underlying, long-term conflict drivers, with which it helps partners navigate and respond to changes in the context, whilst staying focused on the long-term impacts of programming.
Integrating gender and conflict sensitive approach: 
We apply a robust gender lens to enable us to identify the ways in which approaches either reinforce or challenge existing gender roles and norms, and how these interact with conflict drivers.
Selecting the right tools, at the right time, for the right audience:
We will carefully tailor tools and approaches according to the specific needs and objectives of partners.
Fostering a community of practice: 
While analysis and capacity building can enhance understanding of the context, fostering a community of practice will further support a shared commitment to conflict sensitivity, providing a safe space to reflect on how to translate this into good practice.

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